Selling Your Truck?



AusWide White

Australia Wide Truck & Trailer Sales offers a full spectrum of used transport equipment from car licence vehicles, medium range distribution vehicles, prime movers, semi-trailers, and B-Double trailers.

One of our specialities is supplying regular customers with vehicles that are sourced specifically for their current requirements, be it a single unit or multiple units – for example: a regular client of ours (major engineering company) required 6 identical day cab prime movers. We procured on their behalf 6 Mercedes Benz Actros prime movers from local and inter-state sources.

Additionally, in another instance, a Queensland based line haul company enquired about some B-Double tautliner trailer combinations that we had advertised. After meeting and consulting with the Director, the company required more equipment than we had on hand at the time. Their requirement was for 20 A-trailers and 20 B-trailers. After some negotiations on both side, we were successful in delivering the 40 units within their required timeframe.

Even if you are after only 1 unit, we will extend the same professionalism and courtesy, professionalism and expertise to deliver the equipment you want in the timeframe you need.

Another major point of difference between AusWide Truck and our competitors is the finance team we have available to you to structure the appropriate funding for your transport equipment assets.